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2018/05/21 NEWS

We have established a home page.

We have established a home page.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. Recently we established a home page for MGK SENSOR Co., Ltd. On this home page, we will showcase information on our products, technologies, and business initiatives. You can also download technical information and other files, and we will be very happy if this home page is useful in solving your technical issues. We will continue to improve the content in the future, so we hope you will support this home page for many years to come. May 2018 MGK SENSOR Co., Ltd.

A company called MGK SENSOR

We are continually creating products with high added value that integrate material, process and device technology.

Since our founding in 2010, we have cultivated robust technical capabilities in R&D and manufacturing of chemical sensors (semiconductor gas sensors, humidity sensors, electrochemical gas sensors, and others). In 2011, we started production under partner brands of electrochemical gas sensors for gas detection in various industrial applications, and these have earned high acclaim for their performance and reliability. In 2015, we achieved practical commercialization and began sales of electrochemical alcohol sensors with the world’s highest quality. Through ceaseless hard work, MGK SENSOR is constantly meeting the challenge of technology development for innovative products.