Electrochemical Hydrogen Sensor H2-MD-25

Design Features

  • Hight Sensitivity and Quick Response
  • Linearity
  • Excellent Selectivity
  • Stability
  • High Reliability
  • Perfect Leak-proof Structure

Specifications [Sensitivity Characteristics]

Detection Gas Hydrogen
Detection Range 0~1000 ppm
Maximum Overload 2000 ppm
Output Signal 25±10 nA/ppm
Repeatability < ±2%
Resolution 1 ppm
Typical Baseline Range (pure air) < ±5 ppm
Typical Response Time (t90、20℃) 30 seconds
Typical Baseline Shift (-40~40℃) < ±5ppm (typical)
Long Term Output Drift < 2%/month
Expected Life Time > 2 years

Performance data conditions: 20℃, 50%RH and 1013mBar, using MGK SENSOR recommended circuitry.

Operating Conditions

Operating Temperature -30~50℃
Operating Humidity 15~90% RH
Operating Pressure Range 1atm ±10%
Recommended Load Resistor 10Ω
Bias Voltage Not required
Position Sensitivity None
Recommended Storage Temp. 0~20℃
Storage Life Less than 6 months

Physical Characteristics

Cap Color Light blue
Weight 4.5g (approx.)

Appearance and Dimensions